My first Trip

I had taken and ingested quite a small dose with the only friend who would understand any of the nonsense I’m about to explain. 2.5g. Mushrooms.

I took them and soon I found myself completely confused. It was like, nothing made any sense at all. Everything in my head, that was usually there, was now gone and I was completely unable to use my own mind. All the thoughts I had been relying on, all the ideas and explanations, they just were unusable. I didn’t know what to think, I couldn’t know what to think, it was simply impossible. It did not feel amazing. It was confusion! Complete and utter confusion.

My friend sat in his bedroom. He was looking at pictures. They were of flowers and sacred geometry. I sat down, looked at the photos with him. They made perfect sense. How? I don’t know, but they just made sense, so I just kept looking at them. What else could I do? Picture after picture, all sacred geometry, flowers, and other photos of these sorts, they all made sense.

Soon we went to the living room, where we found ourselves immersed in conversation, but this time, we had a sense with us, between us, and within ourselves as though this sense that we had, was our true nature.

We picked up our tea glasses, and said to each other, This is energy! Tea is energy! We were discovering for the very first time how this sense functioned. There is a way of understanding, and when we found ourselves lost, unable to grasp something, we’d soon find ourselves trying to bring our mind back to the proper sense, and not the lost sense, which seems to bring only ignorance and not understanding. It is like not knowing the answer, whenever we’d lose ourselves, but quickly we’d try to revert back into this non-nonsensical sense of understanding. It was like catching a boat on a river, there is nothing you can do about it, except try to go with it, without really understanding how you are even able to grasp the concepts, yet whenever we would use this sense, and when we would speak from it, it was like knowing everything.

The conversation went on, and the conversation moved from location to location, thought to thought. It was like our thoughts were places, and I could see them. The place within the mind. I could see the thoughts as they rushed forth through the body and out into the world, it was the body language and the visual phenomena combined into a single dose of realizations, that our mind, our inner world, and our outer world, are all there, and can be witnessed.

Certain thoughts brought darkness on his face, other thoughts, would make him glow, like a king. When a thought changed, I could see the movement in the mind, then the electricity of energy flow through his body very quickly, and would watch the calm before the action as his mind moved from place to place. It was like seeing the dream within him, and watching it flow into this human world. The mind is a place, I have to assume, because I see behind him worlds, visual in nature. This was the essence of all my hallucinations, completely without twirliness everyone seemed to describe. There was no twirliness everywhere, it was simply conversation who’s depth seemed to arise from a place deep within one’s mind, so deep that it was as if it came from the world of dreams initially, and then into this world.

Ever since I could see these little hallucinations, and glows around people, their thoughts and all. That sense never left. It stayed for good. It would be lost every now and then but any time someone would bring up a conversation that carried it, I would feel it. From then on, every single trip revolved around this same sense. It would only increase in power each time I tripped. The knowledge, once nonsensical became graspable in more ways than I imagined, the reasoning behind such discussion stronger and more clear, my connection to this energy, this source of power, more and more a part of my daily life. It brings me water, and life, and keeps me in the river, away from the drought, and towards the good lands. It is also useful when studying Organic Chemistry, and other sciences, and I think it is something Nikola Tesla would very much have appreciated. I wish to become better at math and science, in hopes of using this sense more in that way, since I can grasp much of the theory, but the exactness of the theorems elude me. It is great.


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